Dress Up Your Doorway with These Door Knockers

Set the elaborate tone for your home as visitors approach the edge — these door knockers include surprising appeal and a more individual touch to your place. The little detail that makes a stupendous entrance:

Door Knocker

One Kings Lane Pineapple Door Knocker

What better plan for your front pineapple brass door knockers than a pineapple — the image of kinship and cordiality? This shining metal pick passes on simply the right notion for drawing nearer visitors.

Restoring Hexagon Door Knocker

A quirkier interpretation of the customary knocker; this hexagonal circle offers a geometrically roused turn, developed of metal and accessible in three distinctive completions.

Front entryway Artisan Dragonfly Door Knocker

Bringing out the scene of tranquil salt swamps and blooming fields, this complicatedly made metal door knocker obtains its exceptional appearance from the buzz of the normal world.

Mission Home products Door Knocker

A perfect superb pick for property owners that support a spotless line and a straight forward look for it. Commentators tout this brushed-nickel knocker’s noteworthy heave and adaptable, ageless style.

Renovator’s Supply Cast Iron Door Knocker

This smart cast-iron knocker has a powder-covered finishing with rendering it to totally rust proof. Its vulpine look additionally includes a sweetheart dash of caprice to the front door.

Stoneware Barn Seashell Door Knocker

A clever thought on nautical style; the silvered metal pick is simply ideal for any section, whether shore-side or landlocked.

Swinging Hare Door Knocker

For those with a vintage-varied taste in equipment, several raps from this top of the line, overwhelming obligation knocker let you know when to rush down to welcome going to visitors.

Designs for Door Knocker

Whether as a showcase of great plan or to pay respect to the Big Easy, the high quality metal fleur-de-lis makes for basic and beautiful front door accessories.

Revival Woodpecker Door Knocker

This reproduction of a mid-century plan includes a fun loving (and intelligent) edge to your front door show. Guests turn the handle underneath the fowl to start pecking, cautioning you to their nearness!

Rebuilding Hardware Ring Door Knocker

You can never turn out badly with a work of art. Conveying four smooth completion choices to the front door, this metal knocker’s refined sensibility makes us need to put a ring on it.