How to equip a bathroom with two small Pedestal Sink?

Small pedestal sink is probably the most widely used facility in the bathroom. On average, we use it seven or eight times a day i.e. twice brush our teeth, wash our hands before and after eating, male shaving and so on. It is important that these processes do not take a lot of time waiting, so you need to find the best.

Many people prefer to have two washbasins in the bathroom that in the morning to save time for the whole family. If you also decide to install two washbasins, remember the distance between them should be at least 20 centimeters. The minimum width of the sink in the bathroom is equal to 45-50 centimeters, the depth is 40 centimeters. 

Two sinks, built-in wardrobes

Built-in cabinets small pedestal sink must be securely attached to a horizontal surface of the table and there is space for towels under the small Pedestal Sink. Large horizontal mirror can combine them together or you can hang two small identical mirror and between them the original modular pattern. It is also a fantastic idea to have a stone wall or a simulation inside the enclosure.

Two shells on the table

An interesting solution is to install the sink on the table which is very suitable for modern interiors. You can choose different shapes: rectangular or oval bowl. 

Built-in sink

Built-in sinks although less common, they also have a lot of charm. If you find a good option, it is worth to be tempted. And to make a warm and cozy atmosphere in the bathroom will help correctly selected tile and mirror.

Wash basin with pedestal

Wash basin, which is held on a pedestal so-called leg, the most impressive look in the interiors of country style. If the pedestal has an interesting finish, matched with the surrounding space so it looks really nice.

Remember that even a small room can be done with the design of the bathroom of your dreams. You just need to take into account the size and features of the room, and choose the appropriate color tiles or paint and the right to use it.

How to Put a Faucet in a Tiny Pedestal Sink

Replacing your old bathroom vanity with a tiny Pedestal Sink can give you a bit more floor space but you have to put a faucet in the pedestal sink to complete the task. A new faucet in the tiny Pedestal Sink installs in the same way as a faucet in your original vanity sink. However, a pedestal sink gives you a bit more access to the underside of the sink than afforded by your old bathroom vanity.

  • Roll out a rope of plumber’s putty between your hands until it is about as thick as a pencil and long enough to wrap around the bottom edge of the faucet base. Apply the putty rope around the fixture openings in the pedestal base.
  • Insert the faucet tail pieces through the faucet openings along the back of the pedestal sink. Thread the basin nuts supplied with the faucet onto the tail pieces beneath the tiny Pedestal Sink. Hand-tighten the nuts against the pedestal sink to hold the faucet in place. Use a damp sponge to wipe away any excess plumber’s putty.
  • Attach faucet supply lines to the faucet tail pieces. Hand-tighten the supply lines to the faucet. Using pliers to tighten the lines can damage the faucet and the plastic connectors on the ends of the lines.
  • Screw the opposite ends of the supply lines to the faucet supply valves along the wall beneath the tiny Pedestal Sink. Use pliers to tighten lines to the valves. Do not over-tighten, as you could damage the valve threads.
  • Turn on the pedestal sink faucet water supply lines. 

Things You Will Need:

  • Plumber’s putty
  • Sponge
  • Faucet supply lines
  • Pliers 


Only use silicone caulk rather than plumber’s putty around the base of the pedestal sink faucet if your pedestal sink is made from cultured marble or composite materials.


Buy Pedestal Sink for the bathroom

Imagine a modern bathroom without buy Pedestal Sink is simply impossible; it is not only its most important attribute but also elegant and harmonious complement to the interior. Among the many designs and models for people uninitiated difficult to choose just the right one that will fully meet their needs, we will try to unveil the mysteries of the article and may save you from frustration at the wrong choice. This article deals with pedestal sinks, hygienic ancient invention of mankind based on innovation and small date to preserve the pristine design principle.

Washbasin with pedestal professional gives affection in their grace and elegance; it is similar in shape with the same flower. There are two basic design sinks. The most common is the standard model with a pedestal installed on the floor. Recently gaining popularity model, they do not reach to buy Pedestal Sink to the floor and attached to the wall, as if hovering in the air and handing a feeling of lightness and elegance.

The increasing popularity in recent years becomes the ideas of non-standard and individual design of the interior bathroom facilities. Equipped asymmetrical or symmetrical rectangular shelves, sinks, tulips are available in various forms and allow you to combine individual parts in a single set of conditions. The most important role when choosing a model, tulip shell plays a bowl shape in optimal performance it must have shape and dimensions, not fetter the hand movements when washing. Typically, these shells from the standpoint of ergonomics have an advantage over other models and their design allows you to go back to back when washing without making complicated gymnastic exercises by washing to enjoy to the fullest. When choosing a sink-tulip, you should pay attention to the height of the pedestal. This model to be the most convenient for growth for adult users and if you have children, it is sufficient to place a small soft ottoman, so that they can conveniently reach to sink. The maximum height of the standard pedestal reaches one and a half meters;

In some cases, installing the sink with a pedestal is a forced step in areas with temporary walls or insufficiently strong supporting wall is determined by the choice in their favor. The pedestal is fitted to the floor provides additional support and provides a bowl unshakable position in a clearly arranged place.

The pedestal is not only securely holds the cup but also serves a decorative function. Buy Pedestal Sink are safe to use and equipped with special openings for the overflow, they will not allow spilling water on the floor. Some model-shell tulips fitted convenient for various accessories.

Sinks, tulips are also the best value to thanks to their classical form and enduring popularity, they are out of fashion that is always relevant and up to date.


In our store you can buy a sink for the bathroom on the podium at the most attractive price. A wide range to buy pedestal sinks for the bathroom that is presented in the online store.

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